Prayer Requests

We are in unprecedented times and for many of us, we are just trying to maintain a sense of normalcy and not focus on the “what ifs” right now. What if someone I know gets sick? What if I get this virus? Would I be one of the survivors who just seem to have the flu, or would I be the one in the hospital clinging to life? What if I lose my job, because my business is suffering, etc.? We all are trying not to think about those things, but I bet those questions are lingering in the back of many of our minds. The bible says “cast all your cares on Him…” (1Pet 5:7), and yet we often try to hold it in or act like it really doesn’t bother us. It’s ok to have those questions and concerns. The thing is we just want to handle them in a productive and healthy way. Of course, take the necessary and prudent precautions that the healthcare and medical professionals recommend, but then as Christians, we know to take it a step further. We need to take our concerns to the creator of the universe, our Heavenly Father. We need to share our worries and cares with Him and lay them at His feet to ultimately take care of. Once we have done our little part (the proper precautionary measures), the rest is up to Him. He wants us to live in the peace of knowing He has a plan for us. “We know that God makes all things work together for the good of those who love him who have been called according to His decree.” (Rom 8:28)

Thus, after the precautions and praying about it, take the time to make the most of the situation. Go hug your spouse, your significant other, the kids, etc. and do an activity at home such as a board game, a movie, preparing a meal together, however you like to enjoy each other’s company during this quarantine period. It will be over soon enough, but the memories we can make will be there forever.

Finally, the Transfiguration Center wants to help lift up your prayers. We now have a link on our welcome page to submit prayer requests (www.transfigurationcenter.com). Of course, take your prayers to God directly, but we also know that we can lift each other up in prayer, so we would love to help you do that. James 5:13-16 says, “If anyone among you is suffering hardship, he must pray. If a person is in good spirits, he should sing a hymn of praise. Is there anyone sick among you? He should ask for the presbyters of the church. They in turn are to pray over him with oil in the Name of the Lord. This prayer uttered in faith will reclaim the one who is ill, and the Lord will restore him to health. If he has committed any sins, forgiveness will be his. Hence, declare your sins to one another, and pray for one another, that you may find healing.”  There it is…pray, sing praise if you can, pray for one another, and find healing. May God bless you and yours.

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