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A relevant message for everyone

We recently lost a man of great faith, Billy Graham. While we all may not agree fully on doctrine, his last message was very powerful for everyone. So many people today base their faith on what makes them feel good. They want a motivational speech on Sundays and even get angry when they are confronted with the truth or questioned about their actions. They say or at least imply “I don’t want to be made to feel guilty or to be told I am wrong”, but Jesus called us to a new way of living. He told us not only to love but also to repent, to turn away from sin. He then gave himself up for us on the cross, in order to innocently accept responsibility for our sins. Thus, he is our ultimate example that in order to truly love we may need to sacrifice some things we might not want to give up. Its not the easiest message, but again, it is the truth that we have to face in ourselves. Our bodies, minds, and hearts may not always agree, they might even resist, but we have to try to be our best selves in order to be truly following Christ. That means striving for sainthood, sacrificing ourselves, and taking up our crosses as Mr. Graham says in this video.

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