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Striving for Sainthood

When I’m thinking about or someone asks me about what I’m doing with my life, I always have the same thought which others may not understand. However, I think it’s relevant to all of us. I’m just trying to be a saint in sneakers. What do I mean? Fr. Leo Trese says that “we are already saints in the original meaning of the Latin word Sanctus, one who is holy. Thus, we are already saints if we are in a state of grace.” (See Eph. 1:1 and Phil.1:1) So the way I see it is that we get into a state of grace with God through baptism and / or reconciliation, and then we stay there by means of the sacraments and trying each day to love like Jesus. Most of us aren’t called to “religious life” per se, consecrated or Holy Orders, but we are called to become like Christ. We are called to set ourselves apart for God and His will in whatever position or place in life He has put us. So that’s what I’m doing, or trying to do, in my normal, everyday life in the world, in a simple and quiet way, in my non-descript clothes and even my sneakers rather than saint-like sandals or shiny dress shoes. Let’s pray for each other to be more like Christ, more loving and more merciful in whatever state or shoes we might by walking in. Be a saint wherever or whoever you are. God, please help us to reach the potential you have planned for us.

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