Future Events

Bible Study on the Book of Acts – Acts is the story of how a few Christians empowered by the Holy Spirit were chosen to bring Christ and the Good News to the ends of the earth. They faced secular forces, internal strife, and hostile crowds, and despite all of this, they brought the kingdom of God to a broken world and the love of God to the hearts of men. Classes begin October 1st at 7pm and will continue on Tuesday evenings in the fall.

Rosary Walks – Beginning on May 5th, the Center will once again begin having Rosary Walks. We will pray the rosary while walking the grounds beginning at 4:00, and then share a pot luck meal at the shelter. It is great family tradition and helps the kids learn about their faith. The Center provides the meat and drinks, so please bring a side dish or dessert to share. Future dates are June 23rd, July 28th, August 25th, and September 29th. Pre-registration is not required.

Have you wondered about The Mass? How can I get more out of it? I wish I knew more about what is going on. I wish I could explain to my friends and family more about it. If you have had any of these questions, then consider coming to the Center for a four-part series on The Mass. We will utilize videos and discussions to expand our understanding and appreciation of the mass. Classes begin on May 14th at 7 pm at the Transfiguration Center. For questions or registration, please call 937-698-7180. There is no charge for these classes, and you need not attend every session to benefit from them.

RITES OF PASSAGE: Men’s Spirituality
We live in a crisis of masculinity. As males today leave boyhood behind for the responsibilities of adulthood, many are unprepared, both physically and spiritually for this transition. Drawing on the wisdom of ancient rites of passage and lessons of classical literature and culture, author Jason Craig leads viewers through each stage of initiation into manhood. This 5-part mini- series examines the Rites of Passage men must embrace to be accepted through God into the fraternal world of men. Classes begin July 10th at 7:00 pm at the Transfiguration Center. There is no charge, but please call 937-698-7180 to register.